What's Writer's Help?

A handbook that speaks students' language.

When students turn to the most popular search engines for writing help, they often find a vast, unvetted pool of sites, only some of which are reliable. That's a problem.

Meet the solution: Writer's Help.

It lives online because your students do. It responds to searches by students who may—or may not—know composition terminology. Search results are targeted—grouped into small, smart, useful categories. And students get reliable, class-tested advice from our best-selling Hacker handbooks.

Easy to assign. Easy to personalize for class.

Writer's Help rethinks the handbook, but that doesn't mean you have to rethink how you teach your course. It's a super-quick reference that's also a snap to assign. You can assign students to complete exercises, work through a revision checklist, or read an entire section for homework.

Writer's Help also enables you and your students to use their own words to tag and share useful content, save searches, and share links that automatically open in the handbook. Users can personalize both the navigation and the content.

Hacker content.

Based on the most widely used writing advice on the market, Writer's Help includes signature Diana Hacker explanations and examples— reworked for an online presentation. Additional help—exercises, glosses, charts, and models—opens up with a mouse click. Users who are familiar with the Hacker family will recognize the consistent and friendly tone, direct approach, and examples that teach. Writer's Help gives class-tested, proven advice.

Writer's Help, with the content writing teachers trust and a search engine that recognizes student language, is a robust, relevant tool that helps close the gap between search and find.

Bedford support.

Teaching with Writer's Help, a brief, illustrated document, offers best practices and suggested activities to help you make the most of Writer's Help, whether you teach a traditional on-campus course, an online course, or a hybrid course. Available in print or as a PDF download.

Whether you need technical help or teaching ideas, our in-house consultants stand ready to provide assistance, making your move to Writer's Help a cinch.

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