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We’re proud to support workshop leaders and institute directors with complimentary copies of our books and media.

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    • In order to provide ongoing support for AP* Workshops, we request that all institute directors and consultants adhere to the following guidelines:

    • At the completion of the workshop, we need you to provide us with a roster of your participants that includes their name, school information, and email address.

        • We would like to receive rosters electronically.  You can download a roster here or we can email one to you.

        • If you prefer to submit a hard copy, please send it to:

          Holtzbrinck Publishers, HPHLP
          300 American Metro Blvd. Suite 140
          Hamilton, NJ 08619

    • We need at least two weeks to fulfill workshop requests.  Without two weeks’ notice it is unlikely we will be able to provide materials in time.

    • We need accurate enrollments.  While we understand that there are always late registrations, we can only provide materials for the number of participants registered.

    • We ask that you request only one or two texts.  We are always happy to send your participants additional titles to review, but we can’t provide all of our titles for every workshop.  Please select the one or two texts that you will use during the course of the workshop.

    • In the event that you have leftover materials, please contact us to arrange to have the materials returned.

    • If you have questions, concerns, or special requests, please let us know.


Correlations and Resources

Please find the appropriate course subject for correlations detailing how our materials align with the Course Description and additional course support resources.

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Please include as much of the following information as possible: your workshop discipline, location, and your name as well as your participants’ names, schools, email addresses, and phone numbers. You can email your completed roster to us at: workshops@bfwpub.com.

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Download a form by selecting your discipline below. Or mail it back to:

Holtzbrinck Publishers, HPHLP
300 American Metro Blvd. Suite 140
Hamilton, NJ 08619